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These pages are devoted to the search for every network promo campaign aired during the 1970s and 80s. A special thanks to collector David Gross, <gross@here.co.il> for all the national music. If you have any music or videos not featured here, please contact us.

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In order to hear these files, you must have the RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have it, download it FREE from www.real.com.
Newest items are in italics.



Special Presentation (1973)
I guarantee you'll remember this one from all those holiday specials. If you have a fast computer, check out the video, courtesy Jonas in Norway.

The Best is Right Here on CBS (1973, video)
Interesting special effects and animation of text in this one...sophisticated for its time..

Turn us on, we'll turn you on (1978)
The ratings are still slipping...

Movie of the Week (1978, video)
Famous movie animation featuring the shots of the movie projector.

You're Looking Good, America (1979, video)
Don't pass this one by. It has a great, soul-filled song and shots of people across the country watching CBS. Take note that CBS is never mentioned in the lyrics. It was simply a much-needed morale boost for viewers. Thanks to Tom in D.C.

Looking Good (1979, video)
Promo for two new shows on Saturday night. What were they thinking when they approved these shows?

Looking to the '80s (1979, video)

Looking Good Together (1980, video)
See all your favorite CBS stars in their prime in this full-length promo.

Looking Good Together (1980)
Audio-only version of the above. The date on the file is wrong.

Looking Good Together (1980)
A neat shorter disco version of the above song. Well worth the download.

Looking Good Together (1980, video)
A young couple fixes up their first home...and The Incredible Hulk stops by to help make their American dream come true. Courtesy Tom in D.C.

Looking Good Together (1980, video)
It's a hot summer night...but Dwayne Schneider of One Day at a Time stops by to cool things off, and introduce everyone to the stars of CBS.

Reach for the Stars (1981)
This is the long version. Also available for those with fast computers is the video.

Reach for the Stars (1981, video)
It's premiere week, and in this special treat you get to hear the instrumental bed where your local announcer usually fills in.

Reach for the Stars (1981, video)
Here, nuns in a convent sing along to 'Reach for the stars' and force JR to repent!

CBS Reach for the Stars (1981, video)

CBS Reach for the Stars (1981, video)
A bunch of character actors sing along to 'Reach for the Stars,' including the guy who plays Raymond's father on the current CBS show 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'

Reach for the Stars local (1981)
Localized sing of the Reach for the Stars on CBS campaign.

CBS Friday Night (1981, video)
It was the hottest night on television in 1981. See what's on the Dukes, Dallas and Falcon Crest, plus a special report on the CBS Evening News, now hosted by Dan Rather. I find it amusing to hear the announcer abruptly change his voice to match the mood of each show.

Great Moments (1982, video)
CBS rode high with this 'great' and upbeat promo song.

Great Moments (1982)
Audio-only of the above.

Great Moments (1982, video)
Off the cheese meter...this features 'regular' people and your favorite stars singing along with the bouncing CBS eye.

Great Moments local (1982)
Localized sing of the Great Moments on CBS campaign for KAUZ in Wichita Falls, TX.

CBS Monday Premiere Week (1982, video)
It's 'Square Pegs' and 'Private Benjamin' and a movie-of-the-week. Not exactly a blockbuster night of television, but the music and animation make it seem exciting.

We've got the touch (1983)
The full 2 minute CBS promo, good music. And if you like the music, and have a fast computer, you'll love the video. It's only about a meg and lets you see the masterful editing that went into these showcases.

We've got the touch (1983, video)
After promo boss Steve Sohmer left for NBC, CBS decided to hire New York ad firm Ogilvy and Mather to produce a series of spots highlighting Americana.

They did a classy job of showing people doing work the American way...with style.

We've got the touch (1983, video)
Another one of the Ogilvy spots, this is as close to Reagan's America as it gets, featuring people having fun after work.

The colors of the balloons in the first scene are no accident. Compare them to the colors of the animated ribbon at the end.

It's hard to see, but in the jump-rope scene, the guy with the hose isn't watering any plants. He's aimed at a couple sitting on a bench. Also look for the double strikes in the bowling alley.

We've Got the Touch (1983, video)
Soft version of the campaign with a duet by Richie Havens and Aaron Neville. It highlights people showing affection.

CBS Movie (1983, video)
Animation and no announcer on this one. An audio-only version is available too.

We've Got the Touch (1984)
The year is 1984. The Great Inflation of the 1970s had finally come to an end, and Americans were ready to move on with their lives. This driving, high-energy campaign reflects that mood. Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

We've Got the Touch (1984)
If you liked the song above, you'll love this instrumental version. Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

We've Got the Touch (1984, video)
The motif for 1984's campaign was welcoming viewers into the fantasy world of CBS. In this spot, a handywoman's dog chases JR Ewing through the TV screen and drags her along...helping her find romance with Bruce Boxleitner (Scarecrow in 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King'). Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

CBS We've Got the Touch (1984, video)
Here, a grandmother babysits her granddaughter, who leads her into the world of CBS. Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

CBS We've Got the Touch (1985, video)
Here's the third season of the campaign...with Kenny Rogers singing the lead.

CBS We've Got the Touch (1985)
Here's an alternate, longer vocal.

We've got the touch (1985)
30 second version, featuring Kenny Rogers

Share the Spirit (1986)
One of the better songs to come out of the CBS promo department. Nice DVE effects too...especially when you consider it was done in-house.

CBS Spirit (1987)
CBS almost went without a slogan in 1987...but they came up with this. It's a decent jingle, but the network went into a slide that it wouldn't escape from until the mid 1990s.

Television you can feel (1988, video)
CBS was struggling...

Get ready for CBS (1990, video)
CBS pulled the Temptations out of retirement to do this campaign. Here's an instrumental version.

The Look of America is CBS (1991, video)
One of the better CBS campaigns. Good visuals and great music. It appeals to blue-collar America, playing off Gulf War patriotism.

Everyday People (1994, video)
I'm not a fan of the grunge look of the early-mid '90s...but this spot is interesting for the personal observations from CBS stars...including an annoyed Dan Rather.

Welcome Home to a CBS Night (1996, video)

Welcome Home (1997, video)
A decent spot featuring CBS stars in a fictious studio.

The Address is CBS (1999, video)
Don't do a double-take. This is from 1999. Give kudos to CBS for putting out a first class spot, featuring CBS stars 'larger than life' as they stomp through skyscrapers. Great special effects. Thanks to Tom in D.C.

The Address is CBS (1999, video)
Here's a really long song that probably didn't make it to air. 'We can move mountains.'

Drop a line with any comments to <80stvthemes@gmail.com>. I enjoy reading them, but due to the volume, I can't promise a timely response.