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These pages are devoted to the search for every network promo campaign aired during the 1970s and 80s. A special thanks to collector David Gross, <gross@here.co.il> for all the national music. If you have any music or videos not featured here, please contact us.

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In order to hear these files, you must have the RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have it, download it FREE from www.real.com.


We're the one in a million (1971)
This one started an ABC tradition of creating promos out hit songs. An updated version appeared in 1978.

Welcome to the bright new world (1975)

Welcome to the bright new world (1975)
An instrumental version of the full promo. The electric guitar solo in this one epitomizes the 'sounds of the 70s.'

Welcome to the bright new world (1975)
Short, but funky instrumental.

Welcome to the bright new world (1975)
Yet another instrumental version.

Let us be the one (1976)

Still the One (1977, video)
Remember, this was 1977, and this is impressive by today's standards. Not a lot of computers involved, but some very crafty filmmaking at work here. 5 minutes worth of music here...

Still the One (1977)
Audio-only version....better quality sound.

Still the One (1977)
A relaxed 30 second version.

Still the One (1977)
A more upbeat 30 second song.

Still the One (1977)
My favorite cut from the '77 campaign.

ABC Movie (1977, video)
Primitive animation, but state-of-the-art in 1977.

We're the One (1978, video)
ABC got narcissistic after winning the ratings race in '77...

Still the One (1979, video)
Features people watching ABC shows, then heading outside to have fun. What's wrong with that? All the scenes are of people watching the shows in broad daylight, even though none of them aired during the day! NTL, a treat to watch....features many ABC stars picnicking and riding up in a 'Still the One' balloon.

Still the One (1979)
Here's the full promo song, courtesy Pipeline News Music Factory.

Still the One (1979)
A long instrumental version. This was actually used as the closing for WABC Eyewitness News from 1980-84. Very cool sounding.

Still the One (1979)
This cut was customized for WABC in New York (and other ABC channel 7's). Definitely worth downoading.

You and Me and ABC (1980, video)
All the stars of the ABC shows gather around on a backlot to spruce up the neighborhood, painting with special ABC paint.

ABC Thursday Night (1980, video)
It's a look at 'Barney Miller,' 'Taxi,' and '20/20' where Geraldo Rivera uncovers an insurance scam targeting the elderly. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts.

Now is the Time, ABC is the Place (1981, video)
This is the most elaborate of the promos, featuring groundbreaking animation by Harry Marks and plenty of close-ups of your favorite stars. Even Dynasty's John Forsythe is blown away. Do not miss out on this one!

Now is the time, ABC is the Place (1981)
Audio-only version.

ABC Movie (1981, video)
It's the classic 'star tunnel' animation. A higher-quality audio-only version is also


ABC Wednesday Night (1981, video)
It's 'The Greatest American Hero' and 'The Fall Guy.'

Come on Along (1982, video)
Another slick production job, with your ABC stars leading a crowd of people through Times Square, Robert Guillame leading a parade through middle America, and Ted Knight in China!

Come on Along (1982)
Audio-only version of this sugar-filled campaign.

Come on Along (1982)
An instrumental version of the promo. Another must-download.

Come on Along with United Way (1982)
ABC turned its promo song into an internal spot for its United Way charity campaign.

ABC Thursday (1982, video)
It's a new night for 'Too Close for Comfort' and Barbara Walters is shocked to learn why Alexander Haig resigned. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts.

That Special Feeling (1983, video)
Grandpa gets to spend time with his granddaughter while her parents go out on the town. Very sapppy. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts for these clips.

That Special Feeling (1983, video)
Country-western version of ABC's touchy-feely campaign...'Monday Night Football' comes to the rescue for a birthday.

That Special Feeling (1983, video)
A nurse's VW Beetle stalls in the rain...but "Dynasty" is on, and romance is in the air.

That Special Feeling (1983, video)
A farmboy finds a puppy in an old car and the family reluctantly accepts it...and settles in for an evening of "That's Incredible!"

That Special Feeling (1983, video)
It's time for Grandma to come home to family...and "The Love Boat" is there to entertain everyone.

We're With You on ABC (1984, video)
They departed from featuring stars prominently in this one, opting for character actors to play the roles of people watching ABC shows throughout the day. Great music (Florence Warner has the lead) and fun to watch.

We're With You on ABC (1984)
In case you wanted better sounding audio of the featured video...

You'll Love It! (1985)
ABC and Frank Gari Productions took Randy Newman's 1983 hit 'I Love LA,' and turned it into a very '80s promo campaign. Thanks to Larry in New Jersey.

You'll Love It! (1985, video)
Here's the full-length video promo chock full of all your favorite ABC stars and character actors watching their antics at home. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts.

You'll Love It! (1985, video)
A cool video promo. This one targets MacGyver. Square One/Mathnet fans....watch for George Frankly (the lady with him is as close as you'll ever get to seeing Martha).

You'll Love it! (1985)
Audio-only version of the above.

ABC Wednesday Night (1985, video)
It's a night of action...with 'Macgyver' and 'Hardcastle and McCormick.' Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

Together (1986, video)
Aretha Franklin's hit was adopted by ABC to accompany stars having fun 'together' with family members. Michael Eisner makes a prophetic appearance, although Disney wouldn't acquire ABC until 1995. He was host of 'The Disney Sunday Movie' at the time. Thanks to Dan in Massachusetts.

Something's Happening (1987, video)
Watch as folks from around the country sing the song. Quite a departure from the high-production value promos of earlier years. Not my cup of tea.

Movie of the Week (1987)

Something's Happening (1989, video)
ABC recycled this campaign for a third year...and it didn't get any better...

America's Watching ABC (1990, video)
After three years, ABC changed its slogan, but kept the same melody...

The promos continue...

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