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These pages are devoted to the search for every network promo campaign aired during the 1970s and 80s. A special thanks to collector David Gross, <gross@here.co.il> for all the national music. If you have any music or videos not featured here, please contact us.

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In order to hear these files, you MUST have the RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have it, download it free from www.real.com.


David Letterman on NBC Promos (1986, video)
David Letterman pokes fun of NBC's slogans during a 'Tonight Show' appearance. Well worth the download.

NB-See Us (1978)
Courtesy Kenneth in East Wenatchee.

NB-See Us local (1978)
For those interested in how the business works, this is a great download. It features all the cuts of a local sing of the NB-See Us campaign, plus an interesting sales pitch from the production company. Thanks to David Gross.

Proud as a Peacock (1979)
A disco version of this infamous campaign. From Kenneth in East Wenatchee, Washington.

Proud as a Peacock parody (1979)
Infamous parody of the 1979 campaign by the production company itself. Rumor has it Don Imus played this on his WNBC radio morning show and got fired as a result.

ID Sounder (1979)
Used before programs in 1979 on NBC. Courtesy Kenneth in East Wenatchee.

Movie of the Week (Sunday Big Event) (1979, video)
Rather tasteless animation from the then-downtrodden network. Courtesy Dan in Massachusetts.

Movie of the Week (1981, video)
Impressive animation for 1981. The music is based on NBC's 1981-82 'Our pride is showing' campaign. They kept the animation, but updated the music for the 'Just Watch Us' campaign in 1982.

Closed-Captioned (1981)
The ID used to introduce captioned broadcasts during the early '80s. The music is based on the 'Our pride is showing' campaign.

Just Watch Us Now! (1982, video)
One of the great NBC promo campaigns. That's Richie Havens singing the solos. He also pops up in some of the CBS promos.

Just Watch Us Now! (1982)
Audio-only of the above.

NBC ID (1982, video)
ID animation to start primetime programming. Features a cool cut of the 'Just Watch Us' package.

NBC Thursday (1982, video)
It's the series premiere of 'Cheers,' along with 'Taxi,' 'Fame,' and 'Hill Street Blues.'

Be There (1983, video)
You asked for it, here it is...courtesy Tom in D.C. The campaign that launched NBC on its comeback. Unfortunately, most of the shows that premiered flopped.

Be There, Hill Street Blues (1983, video)
The theme behind NBC's 1983 spots was showing characters when they were kids. The reasoned that while you couldn't be there then, you can be there now. On the surface that's nothing special, but their attempt at humor set them apart from ABC and CBS, who turned touchy-feely in their 1983 spots.

Be There, Remington Steele (1983, video)
Creative promo for Remington Steele featuring a young Steele when no one would 'be there' with him.

Movie of the Week (1983)
The early '80s music for introducing movies of the week. Contains the 1983-84 'Be There' jingle at the end (although the part preceding that was used as early as 1981).

Let's All Be There (1984)
This is the 20 second donut version often used during credit rolls to promote the late-night lineup and the Today show. It's got all the best parts of the music wrapped up in one compact package. In actual use, they cut out the first verse and replaced it with the NBC chimes. Too bad, because the opening drum beat is one of the best parts.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
The full 2 minute, 30 second song to my favorite campaign.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
The instrumental version of the above full promo. Really worth listening to, although it starts a bit slow.

Let's All Be There (1984)
30 second vocal....good cut.

Let's All Be There (1984)
60 second vocal...for you fans of the campaign.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
Listen as Nell Carter of 'Gimme a Break' sings Let's All Be There for over four minutes during a Sept. 1984 Fall Preview show. As cheesy as it gets!
I also added a video version of it. Lots of unusual sights like fireworks-filled peacocks and Ed Begley, Jr. Somehow I can't picture him at an event like that.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
A must see 30 second video promo for those with fast computers. The editing job on it is immaculate. Keep your eye on the TV in the shots to see how perfectly it blends in each scene.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
Audio-only version of the above promo for the Thursday night lineup.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
Short chorus.

Let's All Be There! (1984)
A short instrumental stinger from 1984

Movie of the Week (1984)
The grand movie intro. music from '84-'86.

NBC ID (1984, video)
ID animation to start primetime programming. This is the first animation by 3D graphics pioneer Harry Marks for NBC. He would do their image campaign graphics for the next seven years...the most successful in the network's history.

NBC Special (1984, video)
Nice early 3D animation.

NBC Thursday night (1984, video)
A great night of television that led NBC to the top. Here's one of the weekly promos to refresh your memory.

Let's All Be There! (1985)
Listen as stars like Joey Lawrence, David Hasselhoff, Don Johnson, and Bea Arthur sing Let's All Be There during the 1985 NBC All-Stars show. Don't miss this one!

And, as an added bonus for those with faster computers (Pentium or PowerPC), you can watch the video and see your favorite stars. If you've got the time, it's about 2 megs and a real treat. Just don't say I didn't warn you about needing a reasonably fast computer...

Let's All Be There! (1985)
Short instrumental, updated for the '85-'86 season.

NBC ID (1985, video)
This is my favorite treatment of the NBC peacock...used to start primetime programming during the 1985-86 season.

Voiceover Promo (1985)
With announcer.

KNBC News 4 L.A. (1985, video)
Don't miss this! Shots of all your favorite KNBC reporters and anchors (Nick Clooney, Kirstie Wilde, David Horowitz, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin, Kevin O'Connell, John Beard, and Tritia Toyota bouncing at her typewriter) set to the tune of a neat instrumental mix of Let's All Be There. Even features a special '4LA' logo sailboat. Courtesy Pipeline News Music Factory.

ID Jingle Composite (1986)
From the 60th anniversary.

Come Home to NBC (1986)
Here it is...the full three minute vocal. Great music with an unmistakably gospel sound. Thanks to Stacy in Georgia for this and the rest of the 1986-89 full vocals. You can also listen to it in stereo.

Come Home to NBC (1986, video)
A favorite of mine...really good music and nice visuals from across the country.

Come Home to NBC (1987)
The high-energy full vocal.

Come Home to NBC (1987, video)
Jackee of '227' and Felicia Rashad of 'The Cosby Show' dance sing the song.

Come Home to WPTZ (NBC) (1987)
This is a localized version of the '87-'88 NBC promo campaign. Thanks to Buddy in Burlington, Vermont.

Movie of the Week (1987)
It took them a year to do it, but in the fall of 1987 they updated the movie intro. to include the new '86 peacock. Fittingly, the music changed.

Come Home to the Best...Only on NBC (1988)
Now it's time to party with this full vocal...and the modified 'Come Home to the Best...Only on NBC' tag.

Come Home to the Best...Only on NBC (1988)
The instrumental version of the above. Courtesy Stacy in Georgia.

Come Home to the Best...Only on NBC (1988)
One-minute version.

Come Home to the Best...Only on NBC (1989)
And for a record fourth season...the final Come Home full vocal.

The Place to Be (1990, video)
NBC did a music-video style campaign in 1990, like the other networks.

Don't miss the rest of the promo music...

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