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Sports Themes and Clips

ABC Baseball (1983)

ABC Monday Night Baseball (1984, video)
It's the Yankees vs. Detroit in this clip of the show's open.

ABC Baseball World Series (1983)
Opening music

ABC Baseball World Series (1983)
Closing music

ABC Baseball (1988)

ABC College Football
Not sure of the date, but it's from sometime in the late '80s or early '90s.

ABC Monday Night Football (1970)
'Heavy Action' instrumental music

ABC Monday Night Football (1989)
The long 'Heavy Action' instrumental version used when introducing the teams.

ABC's Wide World of Sports (1972)
The original and best.

ABC's Wide World of Sports (1989)
Updated for the late '80s...

CBS College Football (1985, Video)
Music, plus animation, and no voiceover!

CBS NBA Basketball (1982, Video)
Music plus animation and no voiceover! FYI, the black spots are where video is supposed to be inserted during the live introduction. You can see what that looks like with Brent Musberger announcing here. This music puts John Tesh's NBA on NBC theme to shame! (although they have a similar melody)

CBS NCAA Basketball Championships (1985, Video)
The music debuted in 1981, but this is off a 1985 feed to affiliates. No voiceover...just great music.

CBS NCAA Basketball (1985, Video)
A longer arrangement of the 1981 music above. There's a really cool ticker cut towards the end.

CBS NCAA Basketball (1993)
It's not '80s, but it certainly fits in.

CBS NFL Today (1976, Video)
No voiceover...and you get to see some throwback names on the marquee.

CBS The NFL Today
Courtesy of Ken Thompson, the game-opening music for CBS from the early '80s.

CBS The NFL Today
Courtesy Ken Thompson, the pregame show music for CBS from the early '80s.

CBS NFL (1982, Video)
Game opening music and animation.

CBS NFL (1986)
My parents used to call this 'pots and pans' music.

CBS NFL (1991, video)
Uninspired music for the 1991 season...

CBS Sports Saturday (1982, Video)
Check out the primitive wireframe animation.

CBS Super Bowl X (1976, Video)
Ever wondered how they introed. the Super Bowl before the age of fancy computer animation? Take a look and listen.

CBS U.S. Open Tennis (1982, Video)
Once again, check out the primitive wireframe animation.

ESPN SportsCenter (1987)
You know the last six notes of this one...

Short cut.

NBC Baseball (1983, video)
NBC Sports presents the 50th All-Star Game...complete with primitive 3D graphics...and the complete theme playing in the background. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina. Also take at the latest in technology, as the NBC Tracer tracks a curveball.

NFL Live (1990)
John Tesh's theme for NBC.

The NFL on NBC (1995)
Okay, so it's not '80s. But, to help you remember back when the AFC was on NBC, here's the popular theme used right up to the end.

NFL '85 Very short intro.

This Week in Baseball (1977)
This was the theme to the original 'Jackpot!' which aired in 1974...and is still heard today on FOX television's 'new' This Week in Baseball.

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