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The latest additions are in italics.

First, help the SuperSite with an unknown theme. It's obvious it's from NBC...but what program? Listen to this funky theme.

UPDATE: Many of you wrote in, and correctly identified this as a contest bed used during WNBC radio shows during the mid-'80s, including The Howard Stern show.

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Miscellaneous Themes and Clips

321 Contact (1980, video)
Here's the intro. to the show, with the original music from 1980, and that crazy Children's Television Workshop logo.

321 Contact (1980)
This is the closing music. It was also used as a bed during the introduction to the show.

321 Contact (1980)
This is the closing music used for the Friday credit roll. PBS could have had a case against CNN Headline News. The melody of this cut is identical to that currently used on Headline News.

321 Contact (1982)
Who could forget that funky guitar at the beginning? Thanks to the new Noggin network...and a couple of middle-school students in Maine for recording it. This is the second-generation music from the show.

And our friend Paul in North Carolina rememberd to include the Bloodhound Gang theme.

321 Contact (1987)
When they updated the theme for the late '80s, they took out the best part. The beginning.

At the Movies (1982)
The music from the early days of Siskel and Ebert's syndicated show.

Disney (1981, Video)
Animation for Disney with a great instrumental rendition of 'when you wish upon a star.' Used during the 1981-83 CBS Disney anthology series (and on Canadian CBC during that period). It was also used during the late '80s and early '90s when The Disney Channel ran 'Walt Disney Presents.' And, you can still see it today when TDC reruns portions of that series. Thanks to Albin, Bill, Dan, Erin, John, Mandel, and Rob for the info.

A clip of the 1985-90 theme

Donahue (1990)
I couldn't stand this theme when it first came out (its mood is much more subdued than the 1985 theme), but it has a unique retro nightclub sound worthy of placement here. Thanks to Tom in D.C. for this complete cut.

The Electric Company (1971)

The Electric Company closing (1971)
Thanks to www.telesearch.org. A great place to visit if you can't find a theme!

The Electric Company (1975)
The second version of the opening theme.

The Electric Company (1975)
The second version of the closing theme.

Entertainment Tonight opening (1983)

Entertainment Tonight (1986)
opening and closing music.

Entertainment Tonight (1986)
Video of Harry Marks' groundbreaking 3D animation used for the opening. It was actually introduced in 1982.

Entertainment Tonight (1990)
Here's what happened when they spiced up and synthesized the familiar ET theme for the '90s. I'll let you be the judge. Courtesy Tom in D.C.

Evening/P.M. Magazine
Thanks to Jim in Massachusetts, music from Evening/P.M Magazine has an entire BonusPage!

Finnerty and Company (1983)
Leisurely theme to a local talk show on KCRA-TV in Sacramento. Courtesy Stacy in Georgia.

He-Man (long version)

Heritage U.S.A. (1985)
Before infomercials invaded the airwaves, televangelists spent millions to buy television time. Here's the theme from Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's program (very cliched '80s).

Inspector Gadget

The John Davidson Show (1981, video)
As if "That's Incredible!" weren't enough... Here is one of the most vain show opens in daytime TV history. Thanks to Tom in D.C.

Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee (1983)
Actually, this is the theme to 'The Morning Show' on WABC-TV. It was the show hosted by Regis Philbin that became Live when it went national in 1988.

Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee (1988)

Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee (1995)

Look Who's Talking (1984)
Musak-like theme for a show on Sacramento's KCRA-TV. Courtesy Stacy in Georgia.

The Muppet Show

NBC Radio promo bed (1983)
Really catchy, funky theme used on stations in the NBC radio network (like Howard Stern's WNBC AM during the 1980s).

New York Style (1984)
A WABC show with Regis Philbin. The theme is jazzy with a saxophone lead.

New York Style (1984)
Here's the full close, and a very '80s one indeed. Courtesy the News Music Museum.

People are Talking (KPIX) (1988)

The People's Court (1981)
The FULL version, nearly 5 minutes, with cuts never heard on the air! And, if you want a good, long version of the infamous ticker used to intro. the litigants....go to the People's Court Multimedia Page.

P.M./Evening Magazine
Thanks to Jim in Massachusetts, music from Evening/P.M Magazine has an entire BonusPage!

Reading Rainbow (1983)

Romper Room and Friends
You know this one...

Sesame Street closing
Courtesy TeleSearch.org, this features not only the classic closing music, but also the funky CPB tag music used after every show, and the 1986 PBS ID.

Square One (1987)
The original closing music.

Square One (1993)
Everyone's favorite way to learn math!

Square One (1993)
Closing instrumental music.

Success 'N Life (1987)
For better or worse, televangelists made a big impact on '80s TV, and this neat theme is a reminder of that bygone era. It's stereotypically '80s.

So you wanna be a gambler!
A neat 'gambling' theme from John Patrick's videos

So you wanna be a gambler! bonus track

Tom Snyder
An '80s piece sometimes used on his CNBC show

Thinkabout (1978)
Remember those 'Agency for Instructional Television' shows on PBS for teachers to show in class? Here's the very unusual, but memorable opening music to 'Thinkabout.'

TV Lite (1987)
A critically acclaimed comedy/variety show on Sacramento's KCRA. Courtesy Stacy in Georgia.

USA Today on TV (1989, video)
Taking an established brand to a new medium is a delicate task...and the transition to television was nothing short of a disaster for 'USA Today.' Here's a look at the show's open and close, courtesy Tom in D.C.

Weeknight (1981)
A year before 'PM/Evening Magazine' made its debut, KCRA in Sacramento was producing a similar show, 'Weeknight.' The show folded by 1987...when it was replaced by syndicated 'PM Magazine.' The 1981 music could pass off as a game show theme...

Weeknight (1984)
Faster paced, high-energy strings for the mid '80s mark this cut. Thanks to Stacy in Georgia.

The West (1989)
A syndicated newsmagazine originating in Sacramento? You bet, from the folks at KCRA.

Drop a line with any comments to <karimzad@stanfordalumni.org>. I enjoy reading them, but due to the volume, I can't promise a timely response.

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