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Local News Themes and Clips

ABC Eyewitness News/Cool Hand Luke
Bonus page of your favorite themes from WABC, KABC, WLS, KGO, KTRK, WXYZ, and others.

CityPulse Toronto (1984, video)
Armed with a fleet of sporty Chevy Citations and Ford Escorts...'CityPulse' is ready to win the fight for Toronto's news viewers. Note the variation of the 'Rocky' theme as their music. Courtesy The News Music Museum.

KABC Eyewitness News (1979, video)
Here's the open to the Southland's most watched news program. Courtesy The News Music Museum.

KABC Eyewitness News (1979, video)
Ever wondered what happens in-studio during commercial breaks? Take a rare glimpse into the Southland's most watched news...as legends Jerry Dunphy, Harold Greene, Larry Carroll and Johnny Mountain share the studio. Not much sound, as the mics are turned off.

KABC Eyewitness News (1986, video)
Many Angelinos remember the animated palm trees in this open.

KCRA Channel 3 Reports open (1982)
Very '80s sounding synth/orchestral mix by the folks at Network Music. Courtesy Stacy in Georgia.

KCRA Channel 3 Reports the 6:30 News (1984, Video)
Taped off the air in 1987...this impressive 3D animation was introduced in 1984. You'll get a kick out of news anchor Beth Ruyak's hair and makeup.

KGO Channel 7 News Tonight (1984, video)
Baltimore residents...you'll recoginze current sports anchor John Buren from Baltimore's Favorite News, WJZ Eyewitness News. Anchor Pete Wilson in this cut has been at crosstown rival KRON since 1990. Meteorologist Pete Giddings left the station and San Francisco in 1998 after nearly 30 years. He is now doing well forecasting Reno, Nevada's more challenging weather on #1 KOLO-TV.

KNBC The Channel 4 News (1988, video)
Classic news open to the 5pm news featuring some of the best in the business: Keith Morrison, Kelly Lange, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin, David Horowitz, David Sheehan, and Jess Marlow.

KNXT (KCBS) Channel 2 News (1983, video)
Catch a glimpse of a very young Colleen Williams alongside seasoned veteran Jess Marlow before both migrated to KNBC.

KPIX Eyewitness News (1985)
Very '80s closing music used from '85-'88. One of my favorites. Similar music was used on KTRK-TV Houston's "Live at Five" from '87-'89.

KPIX Eyewitness News bumper (1985)
Here's a short bumper they often used to tease the newscast throught the evening.

KPIX Eyewitness News (1988, Video)
Actually...the graphics and music date back to 1985. I just like the music and animation they used...so I put his up. The anchors, Dave McElhatton and Wendy Tokuda were the dominant team in the San Francisco Bay Area during the '80s. Tokuda left for LA in 1991..but returned in 1997 to rival KRON. McElhatton is still holding down the fort at KPIX.

KPIX Eyewitness News (1988, Video)
Again, the graphics and music date back to 1985. You'll note the similarity to the 1982 WDVM Washington, D.C. open. It has a nice flow to it. And the KPIX Eyewitness News logo and colors look really neat.

KPRC Channel Two News (1986)
Catchy closing theme used during the mid '80s in Houston.

KRON NewsCenter 4 (1982)
Great theme used during the preshow and to close "Live at Five" from '82-'87. Also used on KGTV San Diego and KATV in Little Rock. Thanks to Pipeline News Music Factory.

KRON NewsCenter 4 (1982)
Used as a bumper. Also used on KGTV San Diego and KATV in Little Rock. Thanks to Pipeline News Music Factory.

KRONPROMO (1986, Video)
KRON in San Francisco won an Emmy for this spot. It is shot completely on a miniature model. No computer effects.

KSBW Action News (1987, 88, Video)
This is an interesting 'before' and after' for a small station in Monterey/Salinas California. Amazing what adding a Teleprompter and changing the graphics and music can do.

KTRK Eyewitness News (1988, Video)
KTRK in Houston had great graphics and a neat virtual set from 1987-92. First, take a look at the preshow. They use a great cut of the Cool Hand Luke music. Then, look at the opening animation. One of my favorites...with well-timed sound effects and a grand shot of the studio.

Then...see what happens when things go awry with their primtive virtual set. The first example has the anchor covered up by part of what is supposed to be the background. The second one is self-explanatory (you'll also get to see the opener to their 7AM broadcast). Thanks to Byron at Pipeline News Music Factory for the clips.

KTSF Chinese News at 9 (1986)
Chinese News? Take a listen...and you'll hear why I put this up. It is still used today.

KTVU Noon and weekend news (1988)

KWTV News closing (1979)
Great news theme from KWTV in Oklahoma City used from '79-'84.

WBAL Action News (1974)
This is one of the first action-packed, high-production value news opens ever. Also of note is the early rendition of the 'Hello Baltimore' music...with parts based on the instrumental hit, Classical Gas. This marks one of the first times a local station's promotional music was melodically related to its news theme....or that a station had a custom news theme for that matter.

WBZ First 4 News (1981)
Classic Edd Kalehoff music...part of the "Today's 4" promo music package listed on the promos page. I've also included the sports theme. All courtesy Jim in Massachusetts.

WBZ Eyewitness News (1981)
This was used on the 6 and 11pm newscasts.

WBBM Channel 2 News open (video)
Okay, it's not a theme, but I just like this news open. Hard working reporters bringing you the news with no fluff, and the catchy music doesn't hurt. This aired during the late '70s and early '80s on Chicago's then-number one news, a title which WLS took over during the mid '80s with the help of (among other things) the updated Eyewitness News music featured above.

Be sure to check out the classic promo video as well.

WCBS Channel 2 News (1982)
Used from 1982-85 on WCBS New York, but originated in 1975 at WBBM (CBS) in Chicago. Cuts of the package were used at CBS O&Os KNXT (now KCBS), WCAU Philadelphia, and KMOV St. Louis during the late '70s-early '80s. Note: the composer is Dick Marks, not Frank Gari, as the file states.

WCBS Channel 2 News (1985)
Intro. music

WCBS Channel 2 News (1985)
Great closing music used from '85-'87. You may have heard it on other stations as well.

WCBS Channel 2 News (1985)
Promo music

WCVB Boston NewsCenter 5 (1990)
Opening music

WJLA News 7 (1976, video)
A funky commercial highlighing the station's news team.

WLS Eyewitness News (1980)
This is not the Cool Hand Luke music you're thinking of. They used this music from 1980-83 to coincide with a 'Seven on your side' image campaign. Many other stations across the country have also used it since. Courtesy the News Music Museum.

WLS Eyewitness News (1983, video)
A rare glimpse of what happens during the commercial break of a newscast...what would soon become Chicago's Number One News. In this case, it's the night before Harold Washington gets elected Mayor. Also take a look at the urgent sounding opening to the newscast. Thanks to the News Music Museum.

WNBC News 4 New York (1980)
A neat THREE MINUTE mix of cuts from the popular theme used from 1980-87 on WNBC. Possibly used on other O&Os like WMAQ during the early '80s. Really worth listening to!

WNBC News 4 New York (1980)
You'll love the rocking, driving sounds of this 'Tri-State Vote' cut. Thanks to the News Music Museum.

WNBC News 4 New York (1987)
Updated version of the above theme.

WPVI Action News (1970)
An opening cut used on the great institution known as WPVI Action News in Philadelphia back in 1970. Cuts from this original theme package are STILL used today. In fact, the station attempted to replace the theme last year, but due to public outrage, brought back the theme after only 5 days. It has also been used on a number of Northeast stations, including WPIX New York, WTNH New Haven, and WSTM Syracuse.

WPVI Action News (1970)
Here's a classic instrumental close....over two minutes worth! It was recorded off of WKBW Buffalo's Eyewitness News by an alert viewer.

WPVI Action News
Here's part of the alternate instrumental Action News close. A great theme, used on WTNH in New Haven. Thanks to Pipeline News Music Factory.

WPXI News 11 (video)
An old early '80s instrumental cut of their news theme. I've heard it as well on WPTZ in Burlington, Vermont.

WSVN News 7 (1984, video)
Tabloid news wasn't invented in the '90s, as you might think. WSVN in Miami led the way during the 1980s with reports like the ones highlighted in this clip. Ironically, they were named one of the best newscasts in the country for 1999 by the Center for Excellence in Journalism.

WUSA/WDVM Eyewitness News (1987, 82, Video)
Here are a couple of classic news opens from The One and Only Channel 9 in Washington, D.C. The first, from 1987, was done by Pacific Data Images in Palo Alto, CA...the folks behind the movie 'Antz.' The second was just a syndicated graphics/music package that was spiced up with some action-packed shots. It's addictive.

WXIA 11 Alive News (1986, Video)
Here's a classic news open from Atlanta. Their '11 Alive' logo is one of my favorites.

WXIA 11 Alive News (1986, Video)
This is the closing. Definitely one of the most well-orchestrated TV news closes I've seen. The 'Hello Georgia' music and shots of the kids is classic. The diving helicopter and swooshing logo with sound effects is icing on the cake!

Don't miss 11 Alive's 1980s station image promos.

Drop a line with any comments to <80stvthemes@gmail.com>. We enjoy reading them, but due to the volume, can't promise a timely response.

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