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Evening / P.M. Magazine was one of the most successful syndicated formats in television history. The Evening name was used at all of the Group-W owned stations (KPIX, WJZ, KYW, KDKA, WBZ), while P.M. was used at those that bought into the syndication.

Unlike other syndicated shows...P.M. included local content. All stations were required to produce segments for a national pool of stories...and had their own local hosts. Thus...stations could have a show with local flavor at minimal cost.

The show faded during the late '80s as the national producers coerced stations into creating more tabloid and gossip stories, rather than local interest features. Although it resulted in occasional ratings spikes, the core audience eroded as a result...and stations dropped like flies until the show's cancellation in 1989-90.

However...the station that introduced Evening Magazine in 1976, KPIX in San Francisco, is leading the charge again. In September of 1998, they unveiled a brand new Evening Magazine. All the stories are local, true to the format that made Evening/P.M. so successful. It is enjoying a good run, and there is talk of expanding it to the other CBS-owned (former Group W) stations.

Jim in Massachusetts...a good friend of the site, has passed on many of the show's rich musical themes for your enjoyment...

It's unknown who composed the themes from this era...before the show was syndicated nationally as P.M. Magazine. All of them are synthesizers.

Classic '70s funk...

Video Open

Promo bed

Tipsters theme
Cool background music.


Frank Gari Productions (specifically, Frank Gari and Danny Baker) produced these updates to the themes originally introduced in 1978 when P.M. Magazine was introduced. Very funky cuts.


This was the music used when the day's features were headlined. One of my favorites.

Tipsters theme

This cut has all the best parts of the above cuts wrapped up in one package.

In 1983 the melody of the Evening/P.M. music package was changed completely. In 1985 it was jazzed up...including vocals. These are my favorites...and probably the cuts you are most familiar with. A classy, addictive blend of synthesizers and regular instruments.

Opening + Billboard
Vocal open, plus the background music used while the day's features are introduced. Don't miss this one.

Abridged Opening

Vocal close
Yes, there were words to the Evening Magazine theme. Take a listen.

One of my all-time favorites. The epitome of '80s sound.

1985-86 (WBZ Boston only)
Frank Gari Productions was commissioned by WBZ to create a custom theme for their Evening Magazine program...


Promo bed


1990 (WBZ Boston only)
In 1990, Livingston Taylor, brother of James Taylor, composed and performed a theme for Boston's Evening. Jim says:

Livingston was a fan of the show. In the spring of 1990, he sent in a demo tape of his composition on speculation. The station liked his work and hired him to do an entire package. Sadly, Group W president Bill Korn decided to end the "Evening/PM" franchise less than two months after Mr. Taylor's music was introduced (July 1990). What a waste. Vocal/Instrumental

WBZ Evening Magazine (1990, video)
First-class visuals with a distinctly '80s look set to Livingston Taylor's music.

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