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It is a favorite among many in the television business not because of the usual primetime themes, but because of the mundane you'll find in the Potpourri, Promos, and Commercials sections. Their contributions fill the site with content that livens the history of the era with color and sound. There are lots of surprises in store...

Updates - April 2007

NBC "Let's All Be There" 1985 Fall Preview

Courtesy Tom in DC, nothing better captures the spirit of 80s TV and Brandon Tartikoff's NBC than this clip. With well-written, endearing shows that drew massive audiences, punchy upbeat promotion, and teams that worked the network climbed from worst to first in less than three years. The '85 season put NBC on top, and you see it all in this clip...from the debut of The Golden Girls, to the runaway sophomore season of The Cosby Show, from a winning Bryant and Jane in the morning to Carson and a surging Letterman at night, this season packed it in. All framed by cutting edge graphics from broadcast artist Harry Marks that still look good today, and a catchy jingle from legendary promoter Steve Sohmer and composer Rob Mounsey.

Coke - Can't Beat the Feeling (1988)

Here's an extended mix of the high energy Can't Beat the Feeling campaign.

McDonald's - Piano Recital (1985)

You can't forget this one...the McDonald's commercial where the girl nervous about her piano recital plays Fur Elise while dreaming of a trip to McDonald's, and flourishes the end by playing the notes of the "It's a Good Time for the Great Taste" jingle.

Updates - January 2007

Some of our favorites from YouTube

7Up "Feels so Good" (1986)

KDKA Eyewitness News Pittsburgh Fort Pitt Tunnel open/close (1988)

Good Morning America opening sequence (1989)

Updates - February 2006 Sweeps

High flying airline commercials...

Sure, the industry is always in turmoil, but that hasn't stopped them from putting out some memorable jingles that romanticized the skies. The 1980s were filled with upstart airlines and familiar names reaching into new territory and trying to differentiate themselves. This collection of spots captures that era. Learn more about airline history at Cactus Wings.

America West (1987, video)
Some may disagree, but my experience has been America West's Phoenix-based crews did a lot with what little they had, with a peppy attitude captured in this commercial and "What we serve is you" jingle. Not sure how 'luxurious' a 757 jet can be, but hey, they tried.

Delta (1987, video)
Along with American's "Something special / Doing what we do best," Delta's "We love to fly and it shows" is among the most recognized airline slogans to this day. This is the spot that launched the campaign, capturing the Southern hospitality that was at its core.

American (1986, video)
A Caribbean version of the "Something special in the air" campaign to introduce service to new island destinations. Airline buffs will get a kick out of the shiny DC-10 guzzling gas across the runway. The colorful imagery was common in many AA commercials during the period.

PSA Airlines (1981)
You have to be from California to really appreciate this, but back in the '70s and '80s PSA flew bright orange planes with wide smiles and noses painted on the front up and down the California coast. They also had an infectious campaign called "Catch our Smile." While the airline was acquired by US Air in 1988, today PSA will live on as US Airways flies a heritage aircraft painted in the familiar orange PSA scheme.

PSA Airlines (1985)
Here's an update to Catch our Smile from 1985.

And some more show themes...

ALF Closing (1986)
Here's the original closing music in the clear.

All My Children closing (1990)
Soap fans rejoice, here is the closing music to AMC's most popular theme. So popular, they brought it out of retirement with new arrangements a few years ago.

Doogie Howser, M.D. (1988)
ABC had a thing going with exceptionally ambitious kids...with Doogie and Head of the Class staples of the late '80s lineup.

Head of the Class (1986)
ABC had a thing going with exceptionally ambitious kids...with Doogie and Head of the Class staples of the late '80s lineup.

More classic news themes

WXIA 11 Alive News "Hello News" close (1983)
The music dates from '78, but Atlanta's 11 Alive used this cheerful Hallmark postcard music to close out newscasts during the mid '80s, based on the "Hello Georgia" theme. Courtesy Steve in Syracuse.

WXIA 11 Alive News "Hello News" open (1983)
Opening music to Atlanta's leading 11 Alive News during the mid '80s. Courtesy Steve in Syracuse.

WBAL 11 Action News "Hello News" open (1978)
Funky music used to open WBAL's news during the late '70s and early '80s. Part of their "Hello Baltimore" campaign. Courtesy Steve in Syracuse.

WPVI Action News (1974)
Here is the full vocal to WPVI's "Move closer to your world" theme, still in use today.

WPVI Action News (1974)
And the full instrumental version of the music. You gotta love the piano lounge transition in the middle

National Nine News open (1980s)
From down in Australia...they still use the familiar "Cool Hand Luke" score you've heard on Eyewitness News in the States to open their newscasts. This is a cut from the 1980s.

Some more catchy commercial videos...

Coke is it! (1982, video)
Here is the saccharine music that introduced the Coke is it! campaign, set to "Fame" style kids working on a stage in New York.

Cheerios - the unsinkable taste (1984, video)
Bet you never thought you'd see this one again. A really timeless spot that features kids and parents trying to sink those Cheerios set to the unmistakable song. This campaign lasted about 5 years, until the oat bran craze led to more topical advertising.

McDonald's Mac Tonight (1988, video)
We got a ton of requests for this one. It's the cresent moon singing Mac Tonight on top of a grand piano

And a little something for game show fans...

The Price is Right - Consolation music (1972)
You know it by heart...the music used right before the last showcase showdown as they run though the prizes for "contestants not appearing on stage".

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