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If you're researching the 1980s and television history, these are some other solid sources on the Internet.

Covering all of television's decades with fascinating downloads.

TV Ark
Great resource for video of historic TV graphics from news and network promos. Heavy on European content, but their "International" page has lots of great clips from the United States during the 1980s.

Game Show Sound Effects Archive
Just about everything you need to pull off a game show on your computer

SouthernMedia News Music Search Archive
If you're looking for a local news theme, you'll find it in some form here. Great resource.

Network News Music
Comprehensive collection of themes from network news programs.

Ultimate Dallas
The official and loaded site dedicated to Dallas, the series.

The World of Soap Themes
Great library of themes from your favorite daytime and primetime soaps over the years.

Drop a line with any comments to <80stvthemes@gmail.com>. I enjoy reading them, but due to the volume, I can't promise a timely response.