The Price is Right


Scott Walker from Seattle brings us this great lyrical parody of TPIR's classic 'Furniture Showcase' music:

Since our good friend Brian Karimzad has so kindly posted such great music from The Price Is Right Showcases, I've decided to add my own lyrics to one of my favorites, "Splendido!".

I dedicate it to all the airhead "Top Winners" who *pass* the first showcase with the world cruise and Lincoln Towncar for "something better" in the second Showcase (insert audience groans here). "Let's see what's in Showcase Number Two!!!!"

Cue up your copy of the music and sing along with:

"Splendido!" -or- "Nothing but Furniture"

(music starts: wakka-chikka opening)

(then starting with sliding chime)

Ohhh yeah...It's nothing but furniture:
Sectional Living Room,
StainMaster carpet too.

Too bad....nothing but furniture:
Elegant Dining Room,
Michael C. Fina and you.

Aaaaand althoughhh,
the bed is soft and dee-eep,
You'll get a good night's slee-eep,
You will still have nothing there to drive...

no vannnn...

...You're stuck with furniture:
tan Broyhill furniture.
Maybe some of it reclines.

You can't believe *this* is it.

Oh man, it's nothing but furniture.
Rod Roddy's spiel is done.
Should have kept Showcase One.

How will you get this home?
(repeat and fade)

Writer's note: The above lyrics are not intended to foster a belief or disbelief in furniture-only showcases.

Happy Singing, ;)

--Scott Walker in Seattle